Another diet update and this time it’s good

I’ve been feeling really low but today I feel much better, I think I may have turned the corner in the past couple of days. I have been eating really well and exercising as well, and I haven’t been getting the feelings of do I had before.

I’ve lost a bit of weight, a bit more than I thought I would have done at this stage and I just feel like I have got a bit more energy than I used to have. It could just be my mind, but I certainly feel more positive.

I still haven’t tried this dietary supplement for hunger suppression and weight loss that I was considering taking. It sitting there looking at me, and it is making claims which sound realistic, but I just want to give doing it naturally bit more time first. I think I have to try and conquer my use of food as a mood booster on my own, because if I rely on something to do it for me, then am I dealing with a problem or am I creating another problem instead?

Anyway, the great news is I am feeling good about things. Tomorrow I’m going to progress from walking to jogging. I’m only going to do a short half mile jog round the block the first couple of weeks, just to make sure I can do it without having to stop or give up, so that I feel I am making progress. Once I’ve done that handful of times I will then progress to doubling it so that I can run a mile.

I will keep doing yoga a DVD each week as well, and I am also looking at my diet to see if I can tweak any improvements to it. Which is great news and I’m feeling really positive about everything now. But obviously I am vigilant against what could happen, because I’m very aware that with the way I am attached to food emotionally that something could trigger an eating binge at any time, and I have to be watchful for that and have a plan in place to stop myself from doing it.

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