Confronting my emotional eating problems

I think I probably have had emotional eating problems all my life. My parents used to give me food when I was upset and I think that this set the precedent for me. From an early age I obviously started to associate eating with being made to feel more comfortable after a bad feeling or event.

I think this is why I have struggled in the past couple of years. I had a bad breakup and have since had to look after my two children on my own, and I’m very lonely as well, and because of the age of my children I am unable to really work, which means that there are not many opportunities for me socially and it’s been getting me down.

This has meant that I have eaten a lot more than I should have. When you’re sitting there in the evening tired and lonely, staring at rubbish on the television, it’s very easy to eat to make yourself feel distracted and better. It’s something that I have come to realise and I now know is at the root of why I am putting on weight now.

So as I said before, a key part of getting my weight of control is to first of all get on top of my food cravings and stop them. I have looked at getting a dietary supplement that can suppress hunger, I’m not sure about this yet, but I am seriously thinking giving it a go.

But first I’m going to just try and deal with my emotional eating. I’m going to read a bit and follow a plan, and I’m also going to look at ways I can do something else when I feel under pressure. Whether it’s going out for walks, hit something, I don’t know, I’m going to look into a bit more and see how I feel.

To put a positive on this blog post, I am at least confronting it now. I am the least aware of it now, where as I was probably in denial for several years about it. So this is real progress from me and even though nobody may ever really read this, getting it out there in the open has been very therapeutic for me.

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