Welcome to my diet and weight loss to blog journey

I’ve never written a blog before and to be honest it’s taken me a little while to get my head around how to set up an account and use the blogging platform itself. I am not stupid and I do use computers but perhaps I’m just not used to things like publishing and word processors.

Anyway, that’s not important, what’s important is that this is my new weight loss journey blog. Basically I have put on a lot of weight over the past couple of years because I’m a single parent with two young children and it’s been incredibly difficult for me to eat well and exercise with so many things to do my life. I don’t get any help from my ex partner and he is not even in the same city as me now, so I am totally on my own, because my parents aren’t here either.

I do have good friends who help me out, but mostly I’m on my own and at times very lonely and it’s got me down a bit if I’m honest. So it’s not just about the poor lifestyle, it’s also about the fact that I think I comfort eat and that has led to be putting on a couple of stone in the past two years, which has started to get me down even further.

I’m going to talk more about that with you and discuss what my plan is in the next blog post, I just wanted to say hello to anybody who’s going to read this, because to be honest not sure how people read a blog or how they find it, but hopefully they will. Although I have to say it doesn’t really matter they do or don’t, what’s important is that I’m holding myself to account by regularly writing him how my progress is and how I am feeling about everything.

I think I generally just feel a bit lost in life and I don’t have many goals and ambitions of the moment, at when I’m fighting just to keep two young children on the right track on my own, it is very difficult to look beyond the immediate couple of days, which is not really any way to live a life but I don’t really have much choice the moment.

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