Here is my weight loss plan that anyone who wants to understand what I’m trying to do

Okay this has been difficult for me, I haven’t got any idea what I’m doing so I have been researching on the Internet for about a week now about the best way to do a diet and exercise regime that doesn’t cost much money and that can be fitted around other things.

The other problem is I have low motivation and low self-esteem at the minute, and I suffer from comfort eating. I think the focus has to be initially on getting my eating on track. If I start trying to exercise but am also still overeating, then I don’t think my metabolism will increase that much and I think that generally I will just be fighting against the tide.

So the focus initially is on my diet. I need to reduce my food cravings by eating filling foods that are also healthy. I’ve also been looking at whether there are dietary supplements out there which can help with hunger suppression. I’ve been researching and I may go and buy phen375 as a starting point. I’ve read a lot about it and it seems to be the real deal, but I will look into it more before I try it.

But initially I just want to get my core diet sorted out before I look at other things like supplements, I want to try and eat more fruit and vegetables, more whole grains, and less carbohydrates and sugars. To be cutting out things like pasta, most rice and obviously sweet things as well.

When it comes the exercise of thing I’m going to just get myself into a gently by doing yoga DVDs in between looking after my children.

After two weeks of doing that, I’m then going to ramp things up by starting to jog so that I do some cardio and I’m then going to look at shifting my dietary plan up another notch.

So that’s the plan I have in place the moment. I’m going to start tomorrow with the new focus on my diet and going to do yoga DVD for an hour as well. That’s not a great deal, but if I do the yoga twice a week and focus on my food intake, then I will be well ahead. The other thing I’m going to talk about is my addiction to food as a comfort, that’s going to be a real danger and I’m going to look at some ideas how I can suppress it.

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